Why don't kids like to eat fish? A few ways to get kids eating more fish.

Many times I find myself when I get home from work, that I still need to help the children with homework, and then make them something to eat. Harder than calculus III or strength of material clases is getting my 6-year-old to like something other than rice, bread, or crackers at mealtime before bed.

And as it is the saying in blacksmith's house wooden knife; that’s right, we don't always have a portion of tuna, salmon or Mahi in the fridge. In addition, kitchen laziness is something universal, unless we motivate ourselves and transform that moment into an instant of love for our kids to share and talk with them.

You will be surprised how easy and fast it is to prepare a portion of mahi mahi, tuna, pomfret(reineta) or salmon; everything sautéing in a pan with a butter, garlic powder and salt. The 6 oz. Servings are ideally sized so they are quick ‘round and round' as we commonly say. After this caveman technique we can experiment with recipes that include sesame in the case of salmon and tuna for example.

Children also love to make mahi-mahi or pomfret tacos due that are white meat, smooth and tasty.

For tuna and salmon, my kids love it with teriyaki sauce or sesame oil to seal the tuna.

I challenge you to prepare these "chicken" of the sea for your children; you will be amazed at the reaction of your children with these recipe

Here are some ways to cook for our kids Tuna Steak

 And here Salmon recipes.

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